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Paul W. Bailey IFAS

General Certified Appraiser TX-1321937-G
IFAS Appraisal Designation
Sr. Member: National Association of Independent Fee Appraisers
Realtor: Dallas Board of Realtors

We provide conventional and FHA residential appraisals on a wide variety of properties ranging from homes on rural acreage to high rise condos, tract to multi-million dollar luxury homes, as well as for both commercial and industrial properties.  With over 40 years of extensive appraisal experience, Paul Bailey Appraisals has a proven track record of providing thousands of residential and commercial appraisal reports throughout the north Texas region.

 Over many years, we have gained the education, knowledge and skill to complete  standard and complex appraisal assignments in a competent manner.  Our internal quality control procedures mandate that all appraisal reports be fully documented, and extensively checked for errors and logic.  You can feel comfortable in knowing that we do not make values.  In other words, "it is what it is."   

There is an old saying in this business, “one can eat well or sleep well”.   We sleep very well.

The National Association of Independent Fee Appraisers

The National Association of Independent Fee Appraisers is an association of professional real estate appraisers committed to the support of its members, for a service of trust and integrity, that benefits the members, the profession and the general public.

The Association's objectives are to raise the standards of the appraisal profession, to exchange experiences and ideas to the betterment of the profession and the public, to maintain and encourage a code of ethics of the highest standards for members, to gain recognition for its members as qualified professionals, to encourage educational pursuits for members in attaining a high standard of proficiency in their chosen specialty, and to promote fellowship among appraisers.

The Association was founded in 1961 as a non-profit association of professional real estate appraisers. Today, our Association has chapters throughout the United States and Canada, and we continue to expand our market outreach


U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development Memo dated 5/15/1986

"...I consider this report excellent in content and form. Seldom do I see such demonstration of professional, informative reporting as displayed in this instance. Congratulations on providing such an informative report and addendum which lead to a logical, well-supported value conclusion."

Bank Client Memo dated 8/8/2008

"... I just finished reading your report on the above referenced property. The report was well written and the value was well supported. This was one of the better appraisals I've read and your continued good quality work is much appreciated..."

Market Street Mortgage Letter Dated 7/14/1998

"I highly recommend Paul Bailey to any lender or client requiring both professional and reliable real estate appraisals."

"I have known Paul Bailey since 1980 and he has always conducted himself in a professional manner. He has performed hundreds of residential appraisals for my company, and we have never had any of our clients reject or refuse to accept his work product."

"Not only is Mr. Bailey very knowledgeable of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex real estate market, but also current appraisal theory and technique. Of the cursory appraisal reviews we have conducted, all have been returned with either a satisfactory or excellent rating."

Mary Arnold
Branch Manager

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